re-designing municipality buying system


Year: 2013
Time: 5 weeks
Group: Keri Lam, Jens Rehammar, Filipe Ligabue, Girgor Hili
Collaboration: Umeå Kommun, Umeå Institute of Design
Context: Service Design
Contribution: Design research, concept development, service process, graphics, prototype and video editing
Main Focus: Design Communications


Umeå Kommun means the municipality in Umeå, Sweden. They are the biggest employer in Västerbotten county with 11300 employees within various professions. Every year the employees buy goods for a total value of 1.4 billion Swedish kronor. Effektiva inköp (Efficient purchasing) is a community-wide project within Umeå kommun. The project is about to introduce a new  approach to buy products and services. The approach called Beställartorget (The Customers Market) has been developed in spring 2012, along with representatives from several of the kommun departments.

Research & Interview

We interviewed the main user who is working in Umeå kommun. We want to understand well about what they need and what we need to focus on when we design the system for them. We interviewed about 15 people which use the services in Umeå kommun. Average age of respondents were 23-55 years old. Among them were 9 women and 6 men. They came from 4 different departments which is Education & childcare; Culture & leisure; Business & work and Building, living & environment. 

Strategy Blueprints

The UX Strategy Blueprint are based on existing research to find out the problems of the existing purchasing method. 

Old way to purchase.png

Buying App scenario 

Presented to Umeå Kommun representatives